Posted on April 15, 2016 · Posted in CFU Team

Intern, Capture Fisheries Unit, Belize Fisheries Department

Belize Fisheries Department Intern

  • Work

Derick Lewis has been working as an intern in the Capture Fisheries Unit of the Belize Fisheries Department. He has been crucial in helping fishermen in the 2016 licensing period at the licensing section of the Department. Derick has also been entering data and conducting monitoring and other field related work with the Capture Fisheries team. He has also taken part in inspections carried out at the two major fishermen cooperatives; National Fishermen Cooperative and Northern Fishermen Cooperative. His main role has been assisting where needed in the tasks of the unit and the Department.


  • Background

Derick graduated from Wesley College in Belize City and has started his Associate in General Studies at Wesley Junior College. He has been volunteering at the Belize Fisheries Department for over 4 months via the Youth Apprenticeship Program which seeks to help youth obtain work experience and improve their standard of living and education.