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Developing strategic policies and  international collaboration

Policy and Planning Unit

The Policy and Planning Unit (PPU) is one of the four technical Units within the Fisheries Department and is tasked with overseeing four main programs areas. These include: Policy and Planning; Resource Mobilisation; Environmental Stewardship and Research. The Unit plays a key role in advising and liaising with the Fisheries Administrator on important fisheries policy issues.

Annual planning, program budgeting, performance monitoring, evaluation and reporting fall under the departmental coordination responsibilities of the PPU. Another major function of the PPU is to represent the Fisheries Administrator and the Fisheries Department in various committees, task forces and working groups at both national and international level.

The program areas of the PPU were established to achieve five (5) strategic goals:

  1. Improve inter-institutional coordination in addressing environmental and socio-economic issues impacting the fisheries sector and associated ecosystems.
  2. Effect legislative needs and policy interventions. 
  3. Sustain technical support services for fisheries sub-sector initiatives (e.g. deep slope, mariculture, etc.). 
  4. Meet national and regional obligations and capacity building for staff. 
  5. Improve fisheries research priorities and needs. 

Planning a development in a marine or aquatic area?

We revise Environmental Impact Assessments

Policy and Planning

The PPU is charged with developing policies and aid in planning  strategic projects for the Fisheries Department. Through its functions, the Unit also assists in drafting legislation under the jurisdiction of the Fisheries Act of the Laws of Belize.  The units also coordinates annual planning, program budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Under this program, the unit:

Resource Mobilisation

The unit mobilises resources to meet the department’s goals and key targets as per results-based program budgeting mandated by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries the Environment and Sustainable Development (MFFESD). 

Pending the development of a Resource Mobilization Strategy for the implementation of the National Fisheries Policy, Strategy & Action Plan 2020-2024 projects must be in:

Environmental Stewardship

The Fisheries Department participates in various committees related to the use of the aquatic resources. This includes National Environmental Appraisal Committee, CZMAI Technical Advisory Committee, Belize World Heritage Site Advisory Committee, and others.

As a member of the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) the department through the PPU regularly reviews all environmental impact assessments, limited level environmental studies or any other technical documents related to proposed developments within marine or freshwater aquatic ecosystems.  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Clearance) process are required for  mining permits, pier/dock license, mangrove alteration, over the water structures, and any other related project.

Scientific Research

Management Research, Fisheries Research and Bioprospecting are foundational pillars of the Fisheries Sector. As such the PPU leverages the insights and guidance of relevant national, regional and international policies. The unit ensures that research, development and policy actions are consistent with the National Fisheries Policy, Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2024 and the Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy: Belize Report.

The Policy and Panning Unit is also responsible for: vetting, processing and issuing research permits, letters of support and research export permits.

We collaborate with International and Regional Organisations

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