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Assistant Fisheries Officer, Capture Fisheries Unit, Belize Fisheries Department

Areas of expertise: Data Collection, Statistical data management

  • Work

Marsha Vargas’ main role within the Capture Fisheries Unit is as a data collector. Her role entails the collection of field data, data entering, management of production figures as well as the management of statistical figures for commercially important fisheries in Belize. Marsha has also been an integral part of the team tasked with the inspections of the fishermen cooperatives necessary for the exportation of fisheries products by the cooperatives. She also leads the team that carries out monitoring at Belize’s spawning aggregation sites.


  • Background

Marsha obtained an Associate’s Degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Belize. She started as a volunteer at the Belize Fisheries Department and now has been working at the Department for almost 14 years.


Contact Information

Belize City, Fisheries Department Office

E mail:

Phone number: (501) 224 4554 (office)