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Managed Access Liaison Officer, Capture Fisheries Unit, Belize Fisheries Department

Areas of expertise: Rights – Based Management, Stakeholder Coordination, Community Education & Outreach

  • Work

Isabel Martinez works for the Managed Access Program within the capture fisheries unit. She acts as a liaison amongst partners of the Sustainable Fisheries Initiative in Belize, is tasked with coordination within the Managed Access program and as a member of the Managed Access technical team is integral in the planning and execution of the design and national roll out of the program which includes education and outreach efforts carried out to sensitize the fishers and the general public.


  • Background

Isabel assisted in the supervision of a team that implemented a social marketing campaign which sought to socialize the concept of the Managed Access program with stakeholders. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Belize and has worked as a Science/Biology teacher in the past. Working for the Fisheries Department she has had the opportunity to present in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and different parts of Belize to fisheries authorities, scientists, Managed Access partners and stakeholders about the work being carried out within the Managed Access program. She has also attended training and capacity building workshops in the almost 3 years she has been working at the Fisheries Department.


Contact Information

Belize City, Fisheries Department Office

E mail: 

Phone number: (501) 224 4554 (office)