CCU Belize City and CCU PG



The Conservation Compliance Unit is responsible for prosecution and enforcement of the Fisheries Laws in the waters of Belize.

Name of Programs:

1)     Enforcement

2)     Prosecution

The Conservation Compliance Unit (CCU) is comprised of a Fisheries Officer (Coordinator), an Assistant Fisheries Officer (Supervisor), a Chief Coxswain, three Coxswains, five Assistant Coxswains, and one mechanic.  Apart from the Belize City main operations, there is another enforcement branch in Punta Gorda Town, comprising of a staff of officers. In addition, a Fisheries Inspector is attached to each unit, whose main responsibilities include the prosecution of offenders.

Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries:

To reduce the number of arrests as a result of illegal fishing practices.


  • To enforce the fisheries laws and regulations throughout the country of Belize.
  • To conduct educational sessions with fisher folks in order increase awareness on the responsible fishing practices.
  • to enhance their ability to understand the disadvantages of unacceptable fishing practices.
  • To deliver lectures in educational institutions and other relevant organizations, in regards to fishing activities and fisheries legislation.
  • To suggest amendments to certain regulations for improved fisheries management, which may include.
    • Limited entry
    • Species protection
    • Seasonal closure of commercial stocks
    • Fishing gear restriction
    • Regulating category of fishing licenses
    • Landing of products
  • To work along with all Marine Protected Areas and NGO’s, to discourage illegal harvesting of marine products from within the said reserves.
  • To assist in the management and protection of the coastal zone and the reef system of Belize.

Policies/Strategies/Mechanism in place:

Extension/Support available

  • Provide support on joint patrols with other regulatory agencies such as the Belize National Coast Guard, Police Department, Port Authority, Customs Department and Belize Defence Force.
  • Provided assistance in educational programs to transport students to and from marine reserves.