Technical Advice

Technical advice is given to the public by the different units within the department depending on the need. The Fisheries Department have well qualified personnel to give technical advice in their areas of expertise.

Administrative Unit

  • Advice on licensing requirements for the various fisheries.

Capture Fisheries Unit

  • Technical advice in deep sea fishing;
  • Technical advice in stone crab fishing;
  • Processing of proposals for fishery products imports and exports;
  • Advice in general fishing problems and concerns;
  • Provision of statistical data.

Ecosystems Management Unit

  • Advice in operational procedures within the marine reserves;
  • Advice in environmental damage assessments;
  • Provision of data and statistics on the marine reserves;
  • Advice in the various international agreements managed by the Fisheries Department.

Planning and Policy Unit

  • Advice in the mariculture of various species;
  • Appraisals for coastal developments;
  • Legal advice in fisheries matters.