MCCAP Project Component 4

COMPONENT 4: Project Management, Monitoring and Assessment

4.1 Project Outcome and Indicators

•    The project outcomes will be monitored under Component 4 is as follows:
•    Effective management, monitoring and evaluation

The project outcomes will be monitored with the following outcome indicators:
•    Outcome of monitoring and evaluation activities
•    Fiduciary management services
•    Coordination and management of projects

4.2 Subcomponent activities

4.2.1   Project coordination and management

  1. Project Coordinator contracted and maintained
  2. Senior Technical Officer contracted and maintained
  3. Administrative Assistant assigned and maintained by the Government of Belize

4.2.2  Operations

  1. Administrative support (including, office equipment, monitoring equipment, operational expenses, maintenance, training for the Project Implementing Agency Group (PIAG), materials and services.

4.2.3  Monitoring and evaluation

  1. Including Project Inception Workshop, audit, mid-term and final evaluations, PIAG monitoring and evaluation field visits, travel, meetings, assessments and consultations

4.2.4  Fiduciary management

  1. Support for procurement and financial management.