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Belize Fisheries Department
To provide the country and people of Belize with the best possible management of its aquatic and fisheries resources, with a view to optimize the present and future benefits through efficient and sustainable management.

History of the Fisheries Department

Fisheries management started in January 1st, 1965 through the Fisheries Unit Laboratory (FUL). FUL became a Department in 1987. Management was facilitated through the Fisheries Act of 1977 and its subsidiary legislation.

There has been subsequent amendments: Chapter 210, 210s & 211 Revised Edition 2003. www.belizelaw.org

Belize Fisheries Department Organizational Structure

The Fisheries Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, The Environment and Sustainable Development is headed by the Fisheries Administrator and assisted by several technical staff to carry out its functions, the Department’s responsibilities is programed into four units. Responsible for conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources, registration and licenses, fisheries research, education, liaise with fishing cooperatives, management of marine reserves, fisheries law enforcement, export and research permits.