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Fisheries Officer, Capture Fisheries Unit, Belize Fisheries Department

Areas of expertise: Fisheries Research, Data Analysis, Geographical Information System Analysis, Economics

  • Work

Ramon Carcamo is the fisheries analyst of the Capture Fisheries Unit of the Belize Fisheries Department. He oversees the monitoring and assessment of the traditional commercial fisheries of Belize. He is also tasked with assisting in the supervision and coordination of technical staff within the unit. Ramon has been crucial in the Department’s coordination with local, regional and international fisheries scientists in fisheries assessments.


  • Background

Ramon has a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Belize and an MBA in Sustainable Development from Galen University. He has previously worked at the Land Department and the Geology Department for the Government of Belize. He has been working at the Belize Fisheries Department for over 16 years. Ramon has represented the Belize Fisheries Department in an array of local, regional and international platforms.


Contact Information

Belize City, Fisheries Department Office

E mail:

Phone number: (501) 224 4554 (office)