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The Belize Delegation Special Package

The Belize Model for Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries: a partnership success story

5 June 2017


Conference Room B, United Nations Headquarters

The side event is intended to contribute to the overarching theme of the Oceans Conference: Our oceans, our future: partnering for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14.

It will illustrate:

  1. How a combination of marine tenure, harvest control, protected areas, and empowerment of fishermen for managing fisheries supports the sustainable development goals especially goal 14 through thriving communities, healthy ecosystems, food security, and climate resiliency.
  2. How partnerships and extensive consultations with stakeholders, especially the population most dependent on fisheries resources for their livelihoods and food, including the large number of women that work in the processing sector, form the core of Belize’s methodology.
  3. Innovations in social, ecological, and economics science customized for small-scale fisheries that rely on limited data to make decisions for sustainable management.
  4. Lessons learned from Belize’s success in scaling up these approaches from individual pilot projects to its entire territorial waters.



Belize Delegate Package