Posted on April 15, 2016 · Posted in CFU Team

Assistant Fisheries Officer, Capture Fisheries Unit, Belize Fisheries Department

Areas of expertise: Data Analysis, Education & Outreach

  • Work

Gilberto will be the Officer responsible for the inland fisheries, this includes data collection, monitoring, research and education and outreach. He will also aid the team that carries out data collection and monitoring at sea.

  • Background

Gilberto graduated from the University of Belize with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology Education. He taught upper level high school Biology for five years and has also worked for the Belize Sugar Cane Board analysing crop production yield. He has recently started working at the Fisheries Department and is interested in doing field work and fisheries data analysis.


Contact Information

Belize City, Fisheries Department Office                                              

Phone number: (501) 224 4554 (office)